Freedom of Information Act Requests


Tri-Com Central Dispatch is a unit of local government formed under the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act (5 ILCS 220) by the municipalities and contracted agencies it serves. Tri-Com Central Dispatch is a 9-1-1 PSAP responsible for radio communications and dispatch of police, fire, and emergency medical service (EMS) for thirteen (13) contracted member agencies. Tri-Com Central Dispatch’s annual budget is approximately 2.5 million dollars. Tri-Com Central Dispatch employs approximately twenty-five (25) full-time employees and one (1) part-time employee. Tri-Com Central Dispatch has a Board of Directors comprised of officials from member agencies and Operations Committees consisting of public safety personnel from Tri-Com Central Dispatch’s member and contracted agencies.  


To ensure all FOIA requests are processed efficiently, requestors should use the attached form, but use of the form is not mandatory. Requests may be submitted in writing, via US mail, email or in person.


Requests by US mail should be sent to:

Tri-Com Central Dispatch
c/o FOIA Officer
3823 Karl Madsen Drive
St. Charles, Illinois 60175

FOIA Officers:

Shevon Sherod-Ramirez, Admin. Assistant

Lisa Classen, Telecommunicator

Records which may be available: 

  • Written: Phone, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Mobile Computer Terminal (MCT). 
  • Email Audio: 9-1-1 calls, Radio, Other. 

FOIA Fee(s):

Tri-Com Central Dispatch may charge a fee of fifteen (.15) cents after fifty (50) black and white copies. For color copies, Tri-Com Central Dispatch may charge a fee of (.10) cents per page.  


Tri-Com Central Dispatch may charge a fee for other requested media forms, as follows: $.50 per CD-R after two (2) CD-R. Tri-Com Central Dispatch may charge requester the cost associated with blank media, not listed here